Tuesday, 15 January 2019

SteamPunk jewellery

Hi guys Priya here , today I m sharing my mood board inspiration  for Expressions Craft on my blog . Today I have created Steam Punk jewellery  , made from Chippies and ChalkPaints from Expressions Craft .

First i have taken the Steam Punk chippies and coloured them with chalk paints
Next I stitched few gold ghungroos on them

Then I stuck embellishments and tied teo loom bands on the 2 ends of the neckpiece for tying the necklace

For the earings and finger ring , I cut 3 gold mirror paper with a circle die and stuck it on the SteamPunk gears , then fixed the earring pins and screen through it and stuck the embellishments to finish the look .

For the ring same way i stuck the gold mirror paper on a finger ring base and stuck metal embellishments 

For the bracelet I took a bracelet  base . Stuck one chippie In the center and stuck the embellishments  to finish the look
Hope u guys get Inspired  by my project and try and create something  different  from the Steam Punk chippies.  Happy crafting guys .

Chalk paints

Friday, 11 January 2019

Mixed media vintage key stand

Hi friends this is priya gajjar here , sharing my first dt post designed especially  for expression crafts so let's get started . Today I gave made a vintage rustic keystone holder

Here are the step by step process of making this

  First I took the brick chippies and broke them.into random pieces

 Next just arranged roughly  to get the look of it

 Next using the cracked wall stencil and immix art essential opaque Matt texture paste created this look

 Next applied the immix art essential opaque Matt texture paste on the window and door frame with the finger , just dabbing randomly

 Next with a sponge I applied glacier lava grey chalk paint and gum metal metallic paint , blending them and getting a dark and light shade of grey

 Next I dabbed military brown chalk paint randomly on the grey and with the help of a flat brush , did dry brushing on the window and door

 Next brushed raw umber metallic paint randomly here and there with fingers for a nice sheen to the entire wall and sprayed with sprinkle mists in titanium white and deep blue teal randomly

 Next coloured the wall chippies with tempo teal and glacier lava grey chalk paint

 Coloured the tree and leaves chippies with grassy felts and tempo teal chalk paint

 Then used ancient gold and raw umber metallic paints for the lamp

 Next stick all the chippies with a glue gun

 Painted few pots with chalk paints so they match my project

 Finally assembled the pots , moss , bird bath , and made the door and window knobs using large size Brad's and sprinkled few deco stones here and there .and the project is complete now

 These were the stencils and chippies used . U can click on the link below for easy purchase of the same

Hope u all enjoyed the tutorial  as much as I enjoyed creating this one . Thank u all so much , have a great day ahead

Chipboard Embellishments

Birds and Branches
Brick wall

Chalk paints

Sprinkle mist

Metallic paint

Monday, 7 January 2019

Hi friends ....
A very good morning ...
I m so excited to share the very first GDT project for Nagashri Arts....

As u all have seen my video I made for my DT kit.... How amazing stuff Nagashri Arts have.... if u have missed it u can see these amazing stuff on

Dt kit reveal by priya gajjar

Here I m sharing my idea to make this wonderful tote bag.

To create side hanging 

Material used
1. jump rings 
2. beads 
3.crochet and checkered lace
4. jute cord in green colour 
5. small yellow pom poms
6.metal filigree leaves 
7.yellow coloured anchor embroidery thread
Steps to make hangings 

1. I interlocked almost 9 jump rings , I used i_ pins and beads and fixed them by making a loop in the jump rings  
2. I stitched the jump rings on one side of the handle , on that I stitches a crochet bow made from the lace  
3. I tied the green jute cord around the bow and stuck small yellow pom poms on the cord 
4. I stitched the yellow jute rose made from the jute sheets on the bow centre . Then  made 2 yellow tassels by rolling yellow anchor embroidery thread over my 3 fingers and tying then from the top and cutting off the roll from the other end 
5.Now I stitched this tassel on the jute cord base and also made 2 checked lace bows and stitched them above the yellow tassel and stuck yellow pompoms on it 
6. Lastly I sandwiched 2 gota Patti rounds on each side of the jute cords and finished my charm .

To create  jute flowers

Material used
1. Yellow jute A4 size

Steps to create  jute flowers
1. have divided the jute sheet in yellow colour in half , drew a spring circle on it wid a pencil and cut along with the lines to get a springy shape 

2.then I rolled the jute spring into a rose flower 
3. from the other 1/2 , I divided it further into half and created a small rose in the same way 

4.Next I cut the brown and white jute sheets into 4 parts each and rolled each into small Rose's.

Preparing the bag for final decorations 

1.first  stuck the jute burlap lace in 2 lines on the bag with fabric glue I stuck the crochet lace in the middle of the burlap lace and on the two sides . 
3. I stuck the checkered lace above the crochet lace from the base side 

4. I stuck the crochet rounds randomly in a corner and on that I stuck the jute Rose's.

5.I started finishing my composition by stitching  the gota circles,  buttons and filigree .

And taddddaaaaa..... this beautiful tote bag is ready to use.....

Here are few more glimpses  I have taken for you to feel the beauty of this bag closely....

And here it's a small teaser... so that u can rush to the nagashri arts website  and start shopping without wasting a single Minute.......

Come and let's shop for this beautiful tote bag on 

Thank u so much for stopping by 
blog , enjoy and have fun 
You can buy your supplies from the link below 

Canvas bag

Tuesday, 1 January 2019

The Positive Vibes Hop - New beginning

Hi, wishing u all a very happy new year . This is priya here welcoming all on my first ever blog hop .in this hop we have 16 amazing projects created by 17 amazing crafters with full tutorials . These projects are created with loads and loads of techniques and tips to nourish the crafter in you , and inspire you all to create such wonderful  pieces .in this hop we are projecting positive vibes , hope and  new beginnings . Pls check all the tutorials and get a chance to win amazing goodies from our generous sponsors So , here is my project for you all , which depicts that one one thing ends it's the beginning  of a new one ...we should never loose hope and always be positive in life . The name of my project is new beginnings


here I have used a broken clay water bottle , dried flowers , and old toy butterfly of my children and turned it into a lamp shade for room decor.. so let's get started guys First I have stuck the broken pieces of the bottle in the base with the help of heavy gel medium from itsy bitsy .   

Next I have used a jute coir and wound it around the bottle in a cross cross pattern . Next I applied mixed mediapaste all over the bottle covering the jute rope and immediately sprinkled micro beads and art deco stones on the wet mixed media paste  paste . 

After drying the  paste wid a heat gun , I  sprayed the entire bottle with Lindy moon shadow mist .dried it quickly  with a heat tool , thenused dilusions ink spray poisoned jade , colour bloom spray mist ..previous stone and colour bloom spray mist pressed petal all over randomly . Then I spray generously little birdies gold alcohol splash for that amazing gold sheen . While this was all wet I dusted diamond dust on the entire bottle . Now I dried the bottle with a heat tool , now one important tip here for all is when u dry ur micro beads with a heat tool they swell up and create amazing effect on ur project Next i started preparing my dried flowers,  i coloured the fillers white with bossny  white spray.  As the flowers r delicate and dried its better not to use a brush , so bossny works just fine.  The other flowers I have sprayed with dilusions poisoned jade spray ink and gold splash alcohol ink . Next I prepared my butterfly , first I applied white gesso all over and dried it , next I sprayed randomly on the wings with dilusions  poisoned jade ink spray and colour bloom precious stone spray . Next I brushes the butterfly with inks gold round the corners and immediately dusted it wid diamond dust . Now I started assembling my project .first I stuck the flower bunches along with some plastic leaves , which I brushed with inkagold in the hollow space of the bottle , next I placed the butterfly on one side of the hollow . Stuck it wid heavy gel medium  . Next I started placing filler flowers and leaves from under the butterfly randomly . Then I brushed 2 dried ine Roses  with inks gold and stuck them near the butterfly wings. Next I stuck a small bird nest near the flowers .I added lots of filigree leaves and filigree gold flowers randomly on the dried flowers  . Now I made a small bouquet with a bunch of dried white and purple flowers , ties them.with a cord , stuck some filigree leaves and flowers on it , and stick the bouquet I  the bottle opening. Next I made a tag with new beginnings  hand written in it and stuck it on one of the butterfly  wings . Finally I sprayed the entire project with white bossny spray from a little distance to get those amazing white spots all over and to cut down the stark teal and brown combination .. finally I fixed a string of battery operated light in the entire bottle and completed my project . Hope u all enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making this one . Have a good day guys.  God bless  

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